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Watch our latest  Power To Win Broadcast

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“Power To Win” - is designed as a series of sessions to share insights, wisdom and knowledge.  Winning is a state of mind and being.  In order to achieve a goal, You must perceive it and understand all of the elements needed.  After listening to each empowerment colloquy, you should be inspired and encouraged to triumphantly ascend to new horizons.

Program Outline 

The Reality of Recovery, Series III


Expecting The Unexpected 

  • Love In Action

  • Reinforcing The Vision

  • Pausing, But Not Stopping

  • Why ‘Average’ Is Problematic


  • Series: 

  • God, Did You Do This?


  • Your Purpose Is Greater Than Your Pain

  • Replace Fear  With Faith

  • Distractions vs. Destiny

  • Contentment  vs. Courage

  • The Unveiling Of Your Expectation


  • Critical Elements: Absolutely Imperative vs. Hypothetically Convenient

  • Critical Directions For Leaders

  • A Critical Road Map For Support Staff 

  • Critical Measurements- Key Indicators

  • Critical Systems That Yield Success

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