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Welcome to “Power to Win.” Our Inaugural Series provided insights, wisdom and knowledge relative to maintaining a “Winning Attitude and Posture” during this transitional period.  

During this “Power To Win” Series II, entitled “The Reality of Recovery – Uninterrupted,” Dr. Daniels-Carter will continue to explore, address and challenge listeners on related and relevant diverse topics.  The Series will continue the impetus in sharing impactful insights and providing enhanced strategies that focus on the person and the process. The goal of Dr. Daniels-Carter in Series II is to accentuate what is needed to improve, expand, and grow individuals, businesses and ministries in an unwavering manner with a relentless attitude towards “Winning.” Understanding the “How”, the “When” and the “Why” based on fact-based information will assist the participant with leveraging a predictive model for forward thinking and direction.  A New Year, A New Beginning --- Let’s Achieve Success because you have the Power To Win!


Power To Win Series II
Program Outline 
(Commencement- January 2021)

  • The Reality of Recovery Uninterrupted – A New Beginning

    • The Dawning of a New Year and New Opportunities.

    • “Think Big and Think Forward”

    • Expectations verses Execution in 2021 –

           “Knowing When It Is Time to Shift”– Having A Long Term Perspective


  • Positioned for the Future

    • Navigating To The Next Level – God What Are You Saying In This Season?

    • How to Impact and Influence Change.

    • Don’t Miss the Timing of the Sea Change in Your Industry.

    • How Critical is Timing?

    • How Difficult Can Innovation Be?

    • Assessing Leadership and the Team.

    • Internal Need Assessments.

    • Building Effective External Relationships.

    • The Protocol for Advancement.

    • Who Are the Impersonators?

    • Are You Equipped To Move Forward?

    • Is the Plan Designed to Extend Beyond You?

    • Assessing Security and Protections.


  • The Focus of a True Leader 

    • The Bar or the Bench?

    • What Motivates a Leader?

    • Can the Leader Be Overwhelmed?

    • Postured for Success or Pestered because of Failure, Your Call.

    • Standards, Lifestyle and Temptations.

    • Called But Not Sent, What Now?

    • A Reflection of Who You Are.

    • Are You Technically Equipped?

    • Common Functionality of High Performers.

    • Dream Bigger Than Your Circumstances.


  • The Measurement Of Critical and Strategic Benchmarks

    • Fiscally

    • Operationally

    • Administratively

    • Personally

    • Legally

    • Relationally