“Power To Win” - is designed as a series of sessions to share insights, wisdom and knowledge.  Winning is a state of mind and being.  In order to achieve a goal, You must perceive it and understand all of the elements needed.  After listening to each empowerment colloquy, You should be inspired and encouraged to triumphantly ascend to new horizons.


Program Outline for Series I

(The Inaugural Launch Date for P2W Series I - September 22, 2020)


The Reality of Recovery

  • Perception versus Reality –

    • “Assessment of Your Present State – A mirror of reflection  Your current status)

    • Coming to grips with how things have changed and how You have been impacted.

    • Are You Properly Focused?  Do You need to Reshape How I View Things?

    • Do You have the Visibility; Are You Negotiating at The Right Level?

    • What Message Are You Sending.

    • Can Vision be Driven?


  • Taking on an Attitude to Win   

    • Shifting Your Thoughts.

    • What does the “New Norm” look like for You?

    • The Mindset of a Winner.

    • Aligning Your goals with Your Purpose.

    • Transforming Your Dreams to Reality.



  • Building Blocks for Recovery (Positioning Yourself To Fundamentality Win)

    • Emotionally

    • Physically

    • Financially

    • Socially

    • Spiritually

    • Familial



  • Strategically Redefining the Plan

    • How to Release the Pain of Failure.

    • Setting the Expectations – “For Now and For What Is To Come”.

    • Insight, Empathy,  and Trust.

    • Benchmarks – “Who Has The Yardstick”.

    • Prioritize, Track and Achieve.

    • Who Is Your Partner In Progress?

    • How Do You Rebound, In case of a Relapse?

    • Holding Yourself Accountable – “No One Is Responsible But You”.

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